Reprocessing and Remarketing

Provide Investors and Airlines aero asset reprocessing and remarketing by customized full solution.

Remarketing or transitioning aircraft at the correct price or rate is vital to extract maximum value for investors. We advise clients on whether to extend or return by analyzing supply, demand, reserves and lease rates.

Our group of companies offers a range of services which cover the whole process of a repossession and enable the placement of the asset.

HT (Group) is dedicated to assisting airlines and investors with all aspects of aircraft transitions: managing surplus capacity through remarketing and assisting with acquiring additional capacity.

HT (Group) team is in regular contact with over 150 commercial airlines and as such can bring a wealth of experience relative to pricing and commercial terms in relation to almost all commercial jet aircraft. This real-time information is very valuable in supporting disposal and acquisition decision-making.


HT (Group) is in continuous communication with most major airlines and many active aircraft investors in order to understand current and future fleet opportunities or requirements. This live information allows us to actively target lease and sale placement opportunities for surplus asset.

Further, our experience in evaluating and negotiating aircraft portfolio acquisitions on behalf of investors and lessors has yielded a detailed understanding of pricing (such as current market rentals, average industry investment targets and maintenance reserve rates) and differing commercial structures (e.g., treatment of reserves, abatements, specific redelivery or termination compensations and offsets), as well as develop an excellent understanding of lease contract conditions.